Create memories, not photos

packaging examples from a photo shoot

A memory is more than a photo

As a photographer we like to think that we create memories. However, we should take a step back every now and then and realize that a digital file on a disk is at best a latent memory. But what goed does a memory do when it sits idle in a corner, without somebody musing about it, browsing through it and enjoying it?

During a family portrait shoot it is not uncommon to create hundreds of photos. For wedding photography, this can reach several thousands on a day. How can we assure that those photos become meaningfull memories?

Memories from photos

We have several ways of turning our photos into memories. A memory is something what we cherish and sometimes go back to. Occasionally, a memory simply pops up. By transforming the digital files into tangible moments in time, we can have them closer around us and enjoy them much more.


packaging examples from a photo shoot
packaging examples from a photo shoot

One of the most obvious way of transforming our unseen digital files into memories, is by printing them. Even when you make small, standard prints, you have something tangible laying around in the house. It’s easy to grab and browse through them. Put some of them in frames and changes them regularly. This way, you keep memories fresh and at hand. On top of that, this can be achieved on a small budget.


Photographs often tell a story, but the length of that story is limited. You simply can not capture an entire wedding in one photo, without missing details. To preserver a day like that in a permanent and complete fashion, a photo album is perfectly suited. The way albums are viewed allow them to tell a narrative. The manufacturing of high quality albums ensures that the story will live on a long time. See a longer descption of the album options that we offer on this page.

Instant photography

If you are feeling creative, or if you are simply too impatient to wait for your prints or album to return from the printer, instant photography might be a nice way of preserving memories. The instant appeal is very big, but this one comes with a couple of caveats.

First of all, you will need a camera and film for it. In recent years, quite some options came back to the market. Options now include several Polaroid cameras and film, Fuji Instax film and camera’s and Lomography and Leica cameras that use these films. They all shoot different formats. We prefer the Polaroid Spectra camera with polaroid Original Spectra film, because it gives you one of the largest prints in a compact camera.

Second of all, as soon as you shoot, the film will be developed. You can’t sit back and browse hundreds of digital files, but you want to make every moment count. Also, because each photo costs 2 – 3 euros.

Third of all, the image quality isn’t always the best and – obviously – there is no retouching possible.

Despite these difficulties, we love shooting instant film. Especially at weddings, they prove to be fun. You have something for your guests that they can take home immediately.

Digital frames

Digital frames are an option that lived a short life span. They were quickly superseded by smartphones, tablets and social media. However, those all have a ephemeral presentation, while a digital picture frame in your living room created a more personal and lasting touch.

Preserving memories

In conclusion, there are quite some options available to make sure that your photos and their moments are not forgotten. If you would include all the options on printing, finishing and framing, you will end up with an almost endless combination of possibilities. Which one you will choose if up to you, but we would really like to see that you print some of those precious moments. If you need any help deciding on what works best, or simply want to chat about the differences, leave a comment or use the contact form.

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